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Dance In The Vampire Bund Omnibus 7-9

                                                        (Cover Artwork)

Book Description: Story & Art by Nozomu Tamaki
This omnibus edition contains volumes 7-9 of the hit manga series Dance in the Vampire Bund.

  Vampire Queen Mine Tepes had been attacked by an enemy using nanotechnology stolen from her own labs. As the Bund's security team struggles to deter this unseen enemy, a new terror strikes. A mysterious assassin confronts Akira and his new partner-in-arms Angie as they pursue the source of the nanomachines. This deadly man of mystery seems to wield a power greater then even Akira's own lycanthropic abilities. As the Bund's security team pursues the enigmatic assassin and tries to ascertain his identity before he can strike again, shocking revelations come to light about the events of Akira's Ritual Ordeal-revelations which might just create a schism between Akira and Mina that can never be healed. 

  • Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
  • Publication date: 8/6/2013
  • Series:Dance in the Vampire Bund Series #3
  • Edition description: First Edition
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 656
  • Sales rank: 153,609
  • Product dimensions: 6.08 (w) x 8.06 (h) x 2.00 (d)
                                               (Akira Chapter 44 Artwork)
 Personal View:

 I got this copy the same time I received the last volume. Looking this book over, its has prefect everything! I'm really enjoying the wonderful work that Seven Seas Entertainment puts into the Manga. Thus far the  ranged age for these books haven't changed "Older teen 16+" I ordered this copy  from Barns and Noble for $17.21. If you buy in-store your looking at $19.99 plus tax.

 First off don't get me wrong by me saying this I love the cover artwork, it just seems to be very pinkish. Maybe its because I'm not much of a fan of pink. In the very opening chapter of this new adventure I'm taking we see Akira at Princess Mina's bed side, since she's recovering from the nanotech they found inside her. Right away we see Yuki being pretty much taking the fall for these past events. And as it starts to unfold more. We learn even more about how an where the Werewolf's come from. This part was very interesting, also fascinating to me particularly.

 Myself personally have always been very intrigued by how the authors from many different types of manga or anime come up with these things. Sorry back to topic, we start to see how Akira deals with his lose, plus even more lose later on that coincides with a very near to heart betrayal. His father the leader and commander of the Bewolf filet. "Werewolf's" Try's to play the parent yet also his commanding officer. In trying to help him come to terms with these events.

  I do say though it takes great courage to punch or say slap, your father let alone your higher ranked officer. The words his father used were very well put. I loved how he compared Akira to a BUNNY!! But then further explains how to deal with his feelings.

Lord Regendolf: "Do you grieve for the wounds you bear? It would not be a bad thing. Given what you have endured no one would blame you for crying your eyes red. IF you were a Rabbit. BUT YOU ARE NO RABBIT! YOU ARE A WOLF. Wolves do not cry. They know that wounds given by the fang can only ever be mended by the fang. I have no doubt that her majesty will keep you close and think of you dearly, even should you be a Rabbit. But would that satisfy you? Look back on this life that you have chosen for yourself--Without intervention from me, and ask your heart, is this what you want?"

Akira turns an walks away looking very pissed off.

Lord Regendolf: "I've become talkative in my old ago."

  I will be writing more about what happens in the next omnibus novel that comes out November 5th of this year!!! I have already pre-ordered my copy, have you??? An as always I've also included some more artwork for you. The cover art "above", a handsome one of Akira in his uniform "middle", and the back artwork of the book "below".

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

 Volume Seven:
                                                  Mankind is a species which surrounds its innermost
                                                   self with high, strong walls. Should he ever attempt
                                                  to reach out and overcome this barrier himself, he is
                                                 repulsed almost immediately. Thus it is impossible for
                                                      him to see aught but those towering walls which
                                                    surround him. The castle hidden within lies not only
                                                            unapproachable, but all but invisible.

                                                    However, should a friend -or perhaps an enemy-
                                                    play the role of traitor and lead him through secret
                                                    passageways to the castle beyond, then the story
                                                                              may be different. 

                                               (Back of book artwork)

Dance In The Vampire Bund Omnibus 4-6

                                                          (Cover Art)

Book Description: Story & Art by Nozomu Tamaki
This omnibus edition contains volumes 4-6 of the hit manga series Dance in the Vampire Bund.

    Mina Tepes, the princess of vampires, has set up a special district for vampires off the coast of Tokyo. Mina’s extensive preparations include founding a school that she herself attends, along with her passionately loyal werewolf bodyguard, Akira, in tow. Ever since the day the school opened, rival vampire factions have opposed Mina’s grand vision. They continue targeting the human populace in order to smear Mina’s reputation and sabotage her well-laid plans of vampires and humans living together in peace.

"Dance in the Vampire Bund features stunning artwork and an enthrallingly original supernatural narrative. The manga has been adapted into a hit anime series in Japan and licensed by FUNimation for North America. Dance in the Vampire Bund has repeatedly hit the New York Times Manga Bestsellers List with each new release." 

  • Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
  • Publication date: 2/19/2013
  • Series: Dance in the Vampire Bund Series #2
  • Edition description: First Edition
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 656
  • Sales rank: 151,036
  • Product dimensions: 6.08 (w) x 8.06 (h) x 2.02 (d)   
                                                   (Back of Book Artwork)

 Personal View:

  It FINALLY arrived on the 30th of Sept. We will say yes!! I was very excited to see what was going to happen next. It was very hard not to pull up the next volume on my app. for my smartphone. So for my evaluation so far just from looking over this book. The bindings and cover were in excellent condition, as to be expected. Once again the words were clear, and the pictures to die for. "Manga freaks will understand that last line." It's still ranged for "Older teen 16+" I ordered this copy once again from Barns and Noble for $15.77. If you buy in-store your looking at $19.99 plus tax.

 From the moment I sat down on the couch that night I thought okay, read like two or three chapters then off to bed, right!! God knows that didn't happen. It took me all of three hours to read this book. I was completely sucked back into the drama that was taking place from the previous volume. Akira is trying to deal with the lose of his friend, as later in the story the princess has to get ready for a battle will say. With the other three clans of true blood linage.

 Most of this book is filled with Akira running for his life since hes got three deadly assassins after him. I do very much like that it also gives more of a background of Princess Mina's relationship to Akira. And how much she really feels for him. That if it wasn't for him pretty much she wouldn't be able to deal with what she has to. I love the fact that her an Yuki really have hit it off as friends so far. I added some pictures, the cover art "above", Back of the book artwork "Middle", and a page from Chapter 37 of princess Mina in her dream state with Akira in both human form an wolf "Below".

 Overall Rating: 5 Stars

 Volume Four:
                                                   The star of fate sleeps with your breast.
                                                        Look only to yourself for rescue.
                                                           She alone is your Goddess.

Dance In The Vampire Bund Omnibus 1-3


Book Description: Story & Art by Nozomu Tamaki
This omnibus edition contains the first three volumes of the hit manga series Dance in the Vampire Bund.

    After millennia in hiding, Mina Tepes, the princess of the ancient covenant and ruler of all vampires, wants change. Using the vast wealth of the Tepes line, she has paid off the entire gross national debt of Japan and gained the authority to create a "special district" off the coast of Japan that will become the future haven for vampires from all over the world! Now, on the eve of the landmark press conference announcing the existence of vampires to the world, terrorists and rival factions are plotting to assassinate Mina Tepes. With her loyal werewolf bodyguard, Akira, at her side, will the princess of vampires survive long enough to see her dream realized?

  • Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
  • Publication date: 12/11/2012
  • Series: Dance in the Vampire Bund Series #1
  • Edition description: First Edition
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 624
  • Sales rank: 177,083
  • Product dimensions: 6.08 (w) x 8.06 (h) x 2.04 (d)

 Personal View:

    This first caught my attention from watching the Anime on Netflix "12 episodes". I wanted to see how the manga differed. Like with most anime vs. manga their is always many things left out. This book is big, but I've seen bigger. I read this copy in about four an a half hours give or take doing things. The quality of the book itself is wonderful, pictures, words etc. I would suggest reading it to anyone asking me for a new series, if your into vampires, werewolves, kinda love triangle with a loyalty feeling. It's ranged for "Older teen 16+" I found an ordered my copy from Barns and Noble for $15.98. If you buy in-store your looking at $19.99 plus tax. I also believe that the Anime is also offered at Barns and Noble but I didn't look into prices. I think its on blu-ray, and if your not wanting to buy from their I suggest Best Buy. Besides Netflix if your a member.

   I really love the fact at the beginning out of each volume their is some poetry that pertains to the following chapters. Then at the end of each volume your given these little short stories called "Dance with the Vampire Maids" It's very funny!! I quite like how the manga started Vs. the anime. NOT saying I didn't enjoy that cause I did. I added some pictures, the cover art, what the case would look like the the DVD series, and a fun picture. Hope you enjoyed my first blog about a series, that it was very informational.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

  Volume One:
                                    Let His kingdom come!
                            Nothing is more real than this illusion.
                                It has smashed the cathedrals.

                    Millennia have sung, suffered, and murdered one another
                           For this illusive kingdom that never comes.
                     -And so it is responsible for the whole of human history.


    First off I would like to say thank you for checking out my Blog. I'm creating this blog to help share my passion and fascination with Anime, an Manga. A lot of people believe that anime is just cartoons that you'd see when you where little, which isn't very true. Or that manga is just another form of those comic books you'd see the boys reading all the time, or the little comedy skits in the Sunday news paper.

The real definitions are

"Anime": (アニメ) are Japanese animated productions, and come in all formats, such as television series (such as Dragon Ball, Inuyasha, and the famous Sailor Moon, animated short films, and full-length feature films such as Grave of the Fireflies, and include computer animation creations. The word is the abbreviated pronunciation of "animation" in Japanese. In English, the term is defined as a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. The intended meaning of the term sometimes varies depending on the context.

"Manga": (漫画) are comics created in Japan, or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long, complex pre-history in earlier Japanese art. Manga-influenced comics, among original works, exist in other parts of the world, particularly in Taiwan ("manhua"), South Korea ("manhwa"), and China, notably Hong Kong ("manhua"). In France, "la nouvelle manga" has developed as a form of "bande dessinee" comics drawn in styles influenced by manga.

  So the idea of what I'll be doing is picking an Anime or Manga, that I have read or am going to read. I'll be giving updates about each book or episode. Sharing my opinions or likes/dislikes about each individual one. Hopefully this will help people understand more about it, an maybe start their own addictions to the many wonders of the different cultures around the world.